Training is a core requisite of all fire departments. In addition to learning new techniques and protocols, repetitive training of the basic firefighting and medical skill sets are essential. The Pine Ridge Fire Department is dedicated to maintaining and improving our ability to serve our community through regular training within our department, and with our neighboring fire departments.

Captain Janet Parr is our Training Officer. She schedules and coordinates all training activity and maintains all the training records and certifications.

Training sessions often include:
  • Wildland firefighting techniques and fire behavior
  • Structure firefighting techniques
  • Personnel safety at the incident scene
  • First Responder medical training
  • Proper and safe protocols for dealing with Motor vehicle accident
  • Proper and safe protocols for dealing with hazardous materials
  • Low angle rope rescue techniques
  • Helicopter liaison
  • Communication and radio protocol at the incident scene
  • Incident command system utilized at the incident scene
  • Working with Cal Fire, either with a single department, or a multi-company training exercise
  • Staged drills where we respond to simulated emergency incidents
  • On-line training and certification courses