Our formal beginning was April 8, 2000. We were part of the Pine Ridge Property Owners Association (PRPOA) at that time. Nine firefighters signed on and we were off and running.

Larry Pearsall started the department and became the first Fire Chief.

Our first fire engine, a 1953 Ford, has been donated to the Cal Fire Historical Society and will be displayed in their museum.

We were stakeholders in the Highway 168 Fire Safe Council from the beginning and continue to support that organization.

We inaugurated the Road Rangers on September 9, 2000. This is a unique group of community members that support the firefighters. They direct traffic during incidents and guide emergency vehicles to the scene. They wear
bright orange vests and helmets and are equipped with radios, traffic signs and cones. They are equipped with full wildland personal protective equipment (PPE) including fire shelters so they can work on the fire ground. They patrol for spot fires, deliver food and water and perform many other useful tasks. Captain Sharon Moore originally headed up this organization.

Training has always been an important part of our department. We have trained with neighboring fire departments and Cal Fire as well as in our own area. Former Chief Gary Martin, Former Chief Warren Colbert, and current Chief James Parr have all served as training officers. Captain Janet Parr is currently in charge of training.

We have evolved from nine untrained firefighters and one old engine to a viable fire department. Currently we have 19 members: 3 engineers, 12 firefighters, 3 road rangers and 1 auxiliary member. 5 of our members are EMT/EMR's. We have 2 fire engines, 2 patrols and 1 water tender.