P268: Patrol 268 is a Ford F250, 3/4 ton, 4-wheel drive pickup. It is equipped with a pump, hose and 100 gallons of water. It also carries medical supplies, an AED and hand tools. It served us well throughout the Creek Fire then in December 2021 after a large snow storm a tree fell on it and badly damaged the hood and mounts. We are still using it until we can find a new patrol to replace it.
P68: Patrol 68 is a Chevy Silverado 4 wheel drive truck. It is equipped with a pump, hose and 300 gallons of water. It is also outfitted with medical supplies and rope rescue gear. The truck was donated to Pine Ridge Fire by General Motors and the equipment for it was donated by the Rotary Clubs in Fresno, Carmel Valley and Monterey after the Creek Fire.
E368: Engine 368 is a 2001 International Fire Type 3 Wildland Engine. It is 4 wheel drive and carries 500 gallons of water. It was donated to us by the San Pasqual Fire Department.
WT68: Water Tender 68, a 10 wheel drive type 1 tactical truck, holds 2,200 gallons of water with a 250 GPM pump. It was a fuel truck and has been refitted to be a water tender. It was acquired thru the Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP).
Water Tender
E68: Engine 68 is a 1987 Ford/Westates model 8000 type 2 structure engine. It carries 750 gallons of water and has a 1000 GPM pump plus an auxiliary pump. The engine was donated to us in 2010 by the Fresno County Fire Protection District.
Engine 68
HV68: Historical Vehicle 68, a 1953 Ford F600, was our first fire truck, donated in 1999 by Gene Van Dyne. The truck has been donated to the Cal Fire Historical Society and is displayed in their museum.