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Photo Gallery

Howard Hendrix (left) and Warren Colbert (right) in front of old E368. They were standing by during a CDF burning operation.

Old E-68 at
the Shaver Lake Car Show.

Cleaning water hoses after the "Wild" incident.
Lieutenant Lis Bundli taking a water break during the Wildflower incident.
George Lewis, Warren Colbert, Larry Pearsall, and Larry Cobb (left-right) in front of old E368 during the "Wild" incident. They nursed three CDF engines for 14 hours.
Chief Larry Pearsall (right) awards Pam Hildebrandt (center) a plaque for her dedication in training the firefighters in their First Responder class. Asst. Chief Gary Martin (left) made the arrangements with Hildebrandt to conduct the classes.
Chief Larry Pearsall (right) giving Sue Martin (left) the "Chiefs Award". For more information on the Chief's Award click here.
Our company patch.
All of the Firefighters and road rangers as of June 19, 2004.
Firefighters being trained by CDF
Some of the PRVFD fleet during a training session at the "Rock".
Stephanie Broderson (left) and Lis Bundli (right)
practice back thrusts on an infant mannequin
during the First Responder course.
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