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The Mission of the Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Department is to protect the quality
and mode of life in the Pine Ridge community for present and future generations
through interaction with our community and compassionate service.

The Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Department (PRVFD) provides vital fire protection and
first response medical service for the Pine Ridge community. Pine Ridge is located in
Fresno County, California, six miles below Shaver Lake; Latitude 37°03'54.00"N.
Longitude 119°20'11.04"W. Elevations range from 4,600 to 5,600 feet. This area of the
Sierra is heavily forested with a variety of pine, oak, fir and cedar trees as well as dense undergrowth consisting of Manzanita, deer brush and bear clover. Fire departments in
this area must be equipped and trained to fight both wildland and structure fires.
Support Your Volunteer Fire Department
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Care will prevent 9 out of 10 fires. Fires are caused by burning trash, unattended campfires, barbecue or woodstove coals, ashes, careless smokers, kids playing with matches, arson, and machinery operating without spark arrestors. More than 100,000 wildfires are started yearly by careless humans.

"Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires."
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