Company Officers
Fire Chief James Parr He oversees all department activity and guides the organization on a day to day basis. James is an IT professional and EMT who also volunteers with Fresno County Search and Rescue.
Assistant Chief Hank van Loon actively assists the Chief and takes care of numerous responsibilities that help the department. Hank is a retired Cal Fire Captain.
Captain Janet Parr is our Training officer. She oversees all department training activity. Janet is a IT professional and EMT.
Captain Cindy Holeman is in charge of the Road Ranger organization which includes the Quad Squad . Cindy is a mail carrier for the Shaver Lake area.
Treasurer Virginia Pearsall maintains all the records and accounts for all the finances. Virginia is a retired Registered Nurse and Educator.
Secretary Melanie Banton maintains all the records for the organization. Melanie is a school teacher in the Shaver Lake area.